Professional Livestock marketing

As the leading rural direct marketer in Carinthia the company approximately sells 35.000 piglets, 40.000 pigs, 41.000 cattle and calves, as well as horses, sheep and lambs. Kärntner Fleisch’s livestock trade and marketing is professional and taking place at the highest level. A weekly price orientation and quality-oriented payment guarantee a transparent and fair livestock marketing. The current market report can be found here.


Ideal Transit

by Kärntner Fleisch logistic sector

Even the remotest regions can be reached by the company’s efficient fleet of vehicles. Kärntner Fleisch’s well-developed logistical concept ensures ideal transportation and short-distance routes.

Punctual cash flow

and online service

The company provides cattle dealers with special online services. All invoices may be retrieved via the Internet at any time. Cattle dealers are payed according to weight and quality.