Regional quality

that one can taste

Hearty fillet steak from the grill, roast pork with a crispy crust, spicy lamb chops: Freshly prepared our meat – no matter if beef, veal, lamb and pork – offers a wholesome and sensational culinary experience. The high quality of our meat makes the big difference. Every piece of beef, veal, pork or lamb has its origin in the region itself and is produces with great care.


Flourishing landscape,

flourishing economy

Together with our farmers we make a major contribution to maintain and care for Carinthia’s beautiful and unique cultural landscape. We wish to preserve the picturesque image of alpine pastures and grazing cattle for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Simultaneously, it is especially important to us that we keep the added value within the country and that we strengthen the domestic purchasing power. Eventually, everyone benefits from this cycle.

The best selection of meat

from Carinthia

The high quality of Carinthian meat is based on the careful and sustainable interaction of farmers with animals and nature. The farmers we work with manage their businesses and keep their animals bred and raised sustainably and appropriately, according to animal welfare. Moreover, short-distance routes and careful transportation are part of the company’s philosophy in order to obtain the best quality of beef, veal, lamp and pork. We present our business partners with strict guidelines, which are precisely monitored. These guidelines meet the requirements of the AMA-quality label and the organic certificate.