Beef, beef, beef. But beef isn’t just beef!


Beef is a collective term for different types and qualities, mainly influenced by breed, animal husbandry and maturation. In our association a short transportation and an independent origin control guarantee a seamless traceability of the products. You are looking for high-quality beef? Then you have come just to the right place – Kärntner Fleisch.

Our types of beef

Dry Aged Beef


100% hand-picked quality from Carinthia!

The maturation of beef is a crucial factor which greatly influences the aroma and tenderness of the final product. Only the best primal cuts of beef, stemming solely from animals raised in Carinthia, are chosen for the refinement by aging. The maturing period of at least 28 days activates enzymatic reactions within the meat which influence both, taste and tenderness. Dry Aged Beef by Kärntner Fleisch combines a delicate beef taste with an enormous tenderness. The meat is characterised by an intensive beef flavour and a mild nutty taste, promising a hearty, culinary delight. Kärntner Fleisch provides its customers with the most delicate fillet steaks, T-bone steaks, rump steaks and many more variations.

Kärntner Weidekalbin (“Carinthian Grazing Heifer”)


The „Kärntner Weidekalbin“ (“Carinthian Grazing Heifer”) combines pure, culinary delight and high quality in one product. The people of Kärntner Fleisch guarantee regional production, independent origin control and excellent quality. The female calves must have had at least one grazing period on alpine pastures or meadows in order to be labelled “Weidekalbin”. Meat stemming from the “Kärntner Weidekalbin” stands out with its elegant beef flavour and the adequate fat cover. These factors make the product unbeatable in taste. The tender marbling and fine fibrous texture of the “Kärntner Weidekalbin” assure maximum tenderness and succulence.

Kärntner Almochse (“Carinthian Grazing Ox”)


The “Kärntner Almochse“ (“Carinthian Grazing Ox“) was one of the first brand-focused product programmes established by Kärntner Fleisch. Again, the livestock for this production line must have had at least one grazing period on alpine pastures or meadows to qualify for the brand’s name “Kärntner Almochse” (“Carinthian Grazing Ox”). The intensive beef flavour clearly distinguishes it from the “Kärntner Weidekalbin“. The adequate fat cover and marbling promise an especially tender and aromatic taste. “Kärntner Almochse“ can be simply described as pleasure at the highest level.

Kärntner Jungstier (“Carinthian Young Bull”)


The Kärntner Jungstier (“Carinthian Young Bull“) forms the basis for excellent beef originating in Carinthia. The use of brilliant genetic constitutions, targeted feeding, and young age on slaughter ensure particularly high quality of the meat. The product “Kärntner Jungstier”, also bearing the origin-controlled label, mainly impresses with its special tenderness.