Our veal

Veal is especially marked by its tenderness and delicate flavour. Moreover, this type of meat is known for its wholesomeness and digestibility. Therefore, veal is often recommended for diet meals.

The colour of veal meat offers various nuances from whitish to light red. It is influenced by the age on slaughter; however, it mainly depends on the feeding of the animals. That is the reason why the meat of young calves, which are kept with their mother for suckling, is quite pale. Meat from animals that are additionally fed with hay and grain, on the other hand, may have a rose or light red colour. Howsoever, one is for sure: Kärntner Fleisch offers the best veal!

Our types of veal

Kärntner Vollmilchkalb (“Carinthian Milk Veal“)


The “Kärntner Vollmilchkalb” (“Carinthian Milk Veal“) is produced by small farmers located in Carinthia and fulfils the highest quality standards. Whether veal breast, veal shank or other primal cuts, veal meat is a real treat from the first to the last bite. The young age on slaughter and the upbringing by milk induce the meat’s prominent, light colour and its outstanding tenderness. Short transportation and independent origin control guarantee a seamless traceability of products.

Rose Kalb (“Rose Veal“)


The company’s newest product in the veal section is the “Rose Kalb“ (“Rose Veal), which was first launched in 2019 by Kärntner Fleisch. The aim of the product line is to raise milk-fed veal to the age of 8 months in Carinthia. The resulting meat has a slight beef taste, but still bears the advantage of outstanding tenderness. The fattening for the “Rose Kalb” is done with corn silage. That is why the meat turns out to be rose, eponymous to the product line’s name. Anyone gotten an appetite for veal meat? You have come just to the right place.