Kärntner Schwein (“Carinthian Pork“)

Born and raised on Carinthian farms.


The product line “Kärntner Schwein“ (“Carinthian Pork“) indicates that the entire value chain of Carinthian pork is exclusively turned over within Carinthia, from birth of the animals to the sale of the meat. Beginning in 2009, the Bäuerliche Vermarktungsgemeinschaft Kärntner Fleisch has been the first company in Austria guaranteeing the consistent and transparent traceability and origin of Carinthian pork. A multiple controlled system was implemented for the first time. This system makes it possible to trace the origin of the animals, all the processing stages such as slaughter, cutting, packaging, as well as the sale of meat.




Pork is and will remain the favourite type of meat for Austrians. Schweinefleisch ist und bleibt die Lieblingsfleischart der Österreicher. The reasons for that are manifold, some of which are the variety in use, the simple possibilities for preparation, as well as the good taste of pork. Pork has a long tradition within the Austrian cuisine, so this type of meat will continue to be the number for meals such as “Wiener Schnitzel“ or pork neck steak. We from Kärntner Fleisch pay a great deal of attention to selling high quality pork only. In our meat stores the best pork is ready to be purchased.

Independent control


The independent control services classify and control the slaughter pigs. The control system is carried out according to clearly defined rules, starting with the livestock transfer notes (incl. essential data on the animal), through carcass classification over to the quality stamp with the “Kärntner Schwein Qualitätsstempel” (“Carinthian pork quality stamp”). The slaughtering takes place in our slaughterhouse in Klagenfurt, following strict criteria. Thanks to optimal transportation and short-distance routes, the animals are not exposed to excessive stress. This is one of the basic prerequisites for high-quality meat. Unannounced controls by the AMA (the AgrarMarkt Austria) provide consumers with the certainty of buying a 100% traceable quality product – born, raised and processed in Carinthia.